Plitvicka jezera (Plitvice lakes) national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in winter

‘Essential reading for anyone serious about hiking around these parts.’

Time Out Croatia

‘The best guidebook for walkers….’

David Atkinson, writing in The Telegraph (November 2010)

‘More than just a trail guide.’ (5 stars)

Harry E Rogers, from a review on (December 2010)

The following reviews refer to the first edition of this guide:

‘How the map of south-east Europe has changed in recent years – as the overview of that wonderfully evocative part of the world shows on pages p10-13 of Rudolf Abraham’s new book. With their forested hills, limestone crags and spectacular massifs, the mountains of Croatia are tailor made for outdoor adventure.

This pocket guide is certainly well researched, thorough and very detailed. Before you eventually reach the section detailing the walks, there are almost 60 pages of history and general information to get through, including tips on eating out, festivals to visit and wildlife to study. Perhaps not surprisingly, the chapter on Croatia’s bloodstained history covers 15 pages, but is nevertheless a fascinating insight into how this troubled corner of the world has changed and evolved over the years. The day and multi-day hikes range from the Dinaric Alps to several islands in the Adriatic, catering for all tastes and abilities.’

Nick Channer

‘An adventurous new guide for the adventurous traveller.’

Walk magazine / Rambler’s Association, Autumn 2004